ELECTRONICS: design, testing and construction of analog and digital circuits; SMD welding, production of small series of PCBs, prototyping, repair. Firmware development for Atmel, Raspberry, STM32 platforms in C and C++ languages. Business sectors: generic IOT, e-bikes, access controls, biomechanics, neurobiology, railways maintenance. Many projects realized in collaboration with university researchers from all over the world: Norway, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Singapore, Spain, France, Sweden, USA (Texas, Indiana, Mississippi), Portugal, Switzerland.

COMPUTER SCIENCE: C, C++, C#, VB.NET and PHP programming. Specialized in the creation of industrial monitoring systems interconnected with PLC (SCADA, DCS, QCS) via Siemens wrapped libraries or OPC-UA. Over two decades of experience in design, creation and maintenance of machine-side industrial controls, process management systems, CRM, ERPs interfaces, order management, SCM, MES, warehouse management and internal logistics (WMS).

WEB DESIGN: creation of websites of all sizes, from the personal page to the e-commerce portal. Interfacing of web portals with third party management software. Specialized on WordPress platform.