SnipCards (DAC, ADC and OPTO)

SnipCard OPTO

SnipCards are modular cards measuring 30 x 25 mm, suitable for mounting on Archiduino and NOPO series controllers. SnipCards cover a wide range of use ranging from simple ESD protected digital I/O to dual 24 bit Sigma-Delta ADC input for load cells.

Here are some modules designed and created on my own:

  • 16-bit DAC: board with two high-precision and low thermal-drift 16-bit DAC channels for 0-5V or 0-10V direct voltage output, suitable for driving inverters or other devices that require high precision and maximum linearity and excellent thermal stability. These DAC cards have been used in scientific research by various departments and researchers at the Universities of Singapore, Oslo, Munich (Germany), Saint Luis (Missouri – USA), Vilnius (Lithuania), Berlin, Marseille, Girona (Spain) , Stockholm, London, Galveston (Texas – USA), Oulu (Finland), Lyngby (Denmark), Lafayette (Indiana – USA), Turku (Finland).
  • 24 bit ADC: board with two low voltage input channels, ideal for reading differential voltages coming from load cells, with high precision VREF output for driving them.
  • 16 bit ADC: board with 4 input channels (2×2 differential or 4 independent) with high thermal stability
  • OPTO: board with 2 opto-isolated channels for low voltage (max 60 volts) with exchange system to manage high or low CTR opto-couplers.
SnipCard OPTO - FAST

SnipCard OPTO – FAST

DC 24 bit Sigma-Delta

DC 24 bit Sigma-Delta

ADC 16 bit x 4

ADC 16 bit x 4


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